Send Your Demo to Record Labels

You’ve put together your demo; it’s got strong songs and straightforward production, and you feel that it expresses your potential as an artist. Next, of course, you want to send the demo to a record label and get discovered! Sending your demo to record labels may not be as simple as that, but if you know what you are looking for and what to expect, it can be less daunting.

The first thing to know about is your demo package. Get A & R people interested in your demo by placing it in the right packaging and send it with other helpful items to let him or her get to know you as an artist. You ought to have a cover letter introducing your band, a photo of the band, a bio, press clippings, and of course, your demo. Make sure your materials are eye-catching and well assembled, and that they appear as parts of a whole. Your demo package is your first major step so that you can get noticed by a record label.

Once you have assembled your package, your next step is to find out where to send it, and how much of it to send. First check out the websites of the labels you are interested in; in the “Contact” sections of their websites, you may be able to find the record label addresses that you are looking for. But it is likely that the information you find will be incomplete, and you will need to sign up for access to a music contact database, which will provide access to the information and addresses you need so that you can find where to send your demo. Once you find the information for an individual record label, you should be able to find descriptions of what kind of material the label accepts. If they accept packages, send your entire package; if they request CD only, comply (though you should also include your cover letter).

Send your demo package in whatever envelope or container you feel suits your band’s vibe and image. If you’d like to appear clean and professional, you can simply use a manila envelope—just make sure your materials won’t get broken or bent in travel. You can also send them in a padded envelope or small box, and even decorate or design the packaging to get noticed by a record company. Just don’t over-do it, and make sure that the materials inside are where you put your time and effort—that’s where it counts! Sending your demo to record labels is a big step towards getting noticed and getting signed.

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