Record Labels Looking for New Artists

You’re looking for a record label—but is a record label looking for you? One of the best ways to get signed by a record label is to look for record labels looking for new artists. If a label is actively seeking artists, they likely have more A and R people listening to demos and combing the web for new artists. And that means that you are more likely to get a record deal.

How do you find out if a record label is seeking new talent? Most often, it will be right on the label’s website. Look for “Contact Us,” “FAQ,” or “Submissions” on the record label’s website. This is where you will find information about how to contact the record company, and often where to send your demo CD.

Here, you need to look carefully at the language that the page uses when describing submissions. Some pages will be enthusiastic in requesting materials and state that they are actively seeking new talent or artists. Others will be more coy, stating that they are “always accepting submissions” and sign new talent periodically. And some labels will simply tell you flat out that they are “not accepting submissions at this time” and that they are not seeking any new talent. No matter how great the label, you don’t want to be sending your material to a person who will simply toss it in the trash!

Looking at these sections of labels’ websites can be a good help to you in determining which labels are signing artists, which will help you get a record deal. If you are strategic in sending your demos, you are more likely to get responses. Keep in mind that some labels will say that they are not accepting unsolicited submissions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t seeking new artists. This just means that you will need a connection or contact that can get your demo into the “solicited” pile. Sometimes, a music contacts database can even help you find a more exclusive address or contact that can get your demo heard—even if a label says it does not accept unsolicited materials.

With a little digging, you can discover record labels looking for new artists. With a working knowledge of how to contact record labels, you’ll learn how to submit a demo to a record label, and once you know which labels are seeking talent, you’ll be on your way to knowing how to get signed to a major record label.

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