How To Get a Rap Record Deal

You think you've got the voice, the flow, and the skill to break into the rap industry . Now, how are you going to do it? The process of getting a rap record deal is much like getting any other kind of record deal, in that it requires persistence and know-how. But if you're really serious about your dreams and making it as a rapper, you may just reach fame.


One thing that's important to remember about making it in the rap business is that buzz is crucial. New acts don't survive without generating serious buzz in the industry and the community. So how to generate buzz for a rap record? You've got to promote yourself, both physically and digitally. Battle at clubs and make a name for yourself locally. Sell your album or demo at gigs and on all your media platforms—maybe entice with a free download. Make a killer website with your best single playing in the background. Use social networking to get people talking about you and recruit fans. The more you promote yourself as a rapper , the better the chances that you'll run into a contact that can help you break into the business.


Something that differentiates the rap industry from other genres of music is the concept of coming up under another rapper. Big names bring other rappers into the industry under them, such as Lil Wayne bringing in Drake and Nicki Minaj. If you can find the right people, you may be able to try this tactic—but you'll most likely need to live in a major rap city like New York, Chicago, L.A., or Detroit, in order to make your name and make those connections.


All of these tactics are useful and may be enough to snag you some attention and get you on your way to a rap record deal. But most likely, you may find yourself with a healthy buzz on your MySpace page and nowhere to go with it. How do you get a rap record deal? You are going to need to get your demo in the hands of an A and R representative. Record three or four of your best songs, making sure to load the front with ear-catching moments.

But of course you'll need somewhere to send your demo. If you've made any contacts, wonderful—now is the time to seek them out and find the information and people that you need to break into the rap industry . Otherwise, you are going to need to find the contacts on your own. This is made much easier through the use of a music contacts database, which is a pay-for-access listing of music contacts and addresses that will help you find the A and R representative you need. Assemble your demo package as per the label's guidelines, follow up with a polite email, and you are on your way to getting a rap record deal.

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