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Dear Musician,

You already know how hard it is to get in the music industry. If you've heard it once you've heard it a thousand times…

"You have to know somebody in order to be somebody"

Your friends and family don't have a clue how serious you are. They don't have a clue how hard you've worked or even how hard you're willing to work to get in the music business. And that's the sad part.

Because if you're like the thousands of people I've helped coach over the years… I know you can't let a day go by without thinking about how successful you will be…once you get the right help.

If you're like the thousands of people I've helped coach over the years… you REFUSE TO QUIT. You REFUSE TO TAKE "NO" FOR AN ANSWER. Because something in your heart tells you that someday you're going to make it big.

I know this about you, because I've been in the industry for over 15 years. I've not only helped musicians, bands, and regular everyday people become top managers for top acts — but I know exactly what goes on behind the scenes at major record labels and publishing companies.

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Break In the Music Industry

What I'm going to tell you in this letter is how you can DEFY the odds of being another industry statistic. Another somebody who wants to get in the music industry, but never makes it.

Because you'll learn everything you need to know to actually get in the industry, get noticed, make a name for yourself and achieve massive success that most people can only dream of.

True… I'm not saying I sat down and had dinner with the CEO of Capitol Records, Columbia Records, Sony Records, JIVE Records, Universal Records, Geffen, or Island Def Jam

… But I am saying I've spent a lot of time learning what the music business is all about.

And the people I've helped over the years, have forced me to get even smarter with each passing month. The reality is… the music industry is too complex. It changes too fast. And there's no one to trust!

You DON'T want your music career to take the wrong turn and become "frustrated and unemployed?


Frustrated Musician


You DONT want Music Producers or Managers telling that "Your Music S**ks, my friend!"


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You've got to understand one important aspect about the Music Business...


Most of today's famous musicians started from the BOTTOM and worked their way UP...


You may in fact be a very talented young music artist, but you sureley might be missing the right knowlege, skills, and know-how's of the music industy. This is something that does NOT come with talent. This is something that is acquired by learning.


If you don't know anything about the music industry, you will get fooled by bogus contracts and useless agreements! There are hundreds of music scammers out there who want to earn some money on people like you. Don't be another victim of the music world.


You can't go on the street and showcase yourself like a fool. You need to know how it's done professionaly. You must showcase your talents where important music moguls could notice you potentially sign to a record label. You need to know where these producers and mangers spend their time and wait for talented musicians like YOU!


How do you market and sell your music? You can waste a lot of time and look in all the wrong places and get NO RESULTS...or you can follow PROVEN ways of selling your CD's, promoting your new songs and ultimately attracting a lot of music producers, managers, and promoters. The choice is yours!


Music industry is all about MAKING CONNECTIONS. If you want to make it in the music industry, you need to have the latest contacts to music managers, agents, A&R's, and music producers. You must have their email, phone number, fax and physical addresses so you may DIRECTLY get in touch with them to showcase your talents!

Think it's IMPOSSIBLE? Not at all...BUT ONLY if you follow the STEP-BY-STEP instructions today!

Ultimate Musician Package just happens to be the only trusted source for young and promising musicians who want to finally tap into the music industry and literally succeed in it.

This is the one and ONLY sophisticated musician resource that is capable of putting you on the right track with the ultimate results. You will be so amazed with what it has to offer you, you will perhaps just badmouth all the other ones you have downloaded in the past and paid hundreds of dollars!

Ultimate Musician Package is DESIGNED to make you gain the edge over all the failing musicians out there, because many of them do not know about this program just yet!

Imagine spending months and years of your life… waiting on someone to notice you - when record labels are actually waiting on you to send them your music. But up until now, you had NO MEANS of knowing how to do it because you were boggled down with all the wrong infor out there!

This is why it has taken me several years to create the most DEMANDING and carefully researched musician resource, a dream package for every aspiring musician or artist, which is called...

Ultimate Musician Package.



This package is simply "priceless" for all aspiring musicians. It taught me how to talk to music execs and provided me with their latest contact info. Their Music Business guide is one of the best and MUCH better and precise than any others I've seen. Reachfame is the real deal. Much obliged for the work you do.

Simon Dircadio
Los Angeles, CA





You WILL Submit your demos to Record Companies easier than ever before. You will learn the strategies on how to contact A&R execs before emailing your demos MP3 format to over 4,500 of our carefully selectged record label companies worldwide.


You WILL Contact Major Record Labels and get your music exposed to more than 25,000 music industry contacts all over the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and many other countries on all five continents. You'll make real CONNECTIONS with all the major A&R's, Producers, Managers, Agents, Recording Studios, Publishers and other music entertainment gurus who will help you get yourself heard and recognized!


Showcasing your talents as artist or band is a BAD idea when you don't know the right TACTICS or follow the right STRATEGIES. First impressions really count and Producers or Managers pay attention to that very much. I will teach you step-by-step on how to get your foot in the door and make a LASTING impression on a Producer or Manager so that your music career really takes off. You will learn details that only famous musicians know, because they used similar resources for their success!


You WILL make a demo press kit and submit to famous Record label companies that we'll provide for you. You will learn how to package it, what photo to use, how to create a UPC code for your demo CD, how to distribute and so much more! Remember, an effective press kit is worth its weight in gold. A bad press kit works against you and usually ends up in the trash, often without even being open or read through.


We'll help you find investors to sponsor you. Would you like to know how you can quickly rise up without spending too much of your own money? If you play at the venues that I tell you, you will recruit many music investors to promote your upcoming CD. Investors allways look for new and upcoming artist to invest in so they earn more commission. You'll learn how to create an incentive program and impress the RICH investors to sponsor your gigs and concerts. Proven methods, never fail!

By downloading the Ultimate Musician Package, you will instantly get access to over 200 sites where you can upload your music and your videos FREE of charge! You will be able to create your professional profiles, upload your tracks, mixtapes and establish a solid presense. If you want the world to hear what you've got, you need to upload your music to as mnay websites as you can. A&R reps spend all day looking for new and upcoming artists and contact them directly for a chance get signed to a record deal! You can be the next one!

Music Upload Sites

You WILL record your first album in top recording studios. As a serious musician, but currently on a budget, you have to generate an excellent quality CD at the lowest cost possible. I will provide you with over 1,500 Recording studios with best sound engineers to get your first album recorded and ready for distribution and sales.


You WILL create you first EPK. Your online presence is defined by your professional website. For any musician, artist or band - EPK is like a traditional business card, but instead it's web-based. You can more easily and readily hand out business cards with your URL on it to A&R reps, agents, managers, club owners, fans, publishers, and whoever else wants the inside scoop on you or your band. My STEP-BY-STEP instructions to get this done will attract you a great fan base and music industry professionals.


You WILL drive MASSIVE traffic to your band's website with my proven techniques. There are the top search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo) and they have
billions of pages in their database. The object of the game is to have your website show up in the Top 10 search results on any given search engine. I will help you get ranked HIGH on any and all music industry search engines without paying a dime!


Search engines WILL rank you HIGH if you exactly follow my blueprint. You will carefully select keywords for your new site, initiate link exchanges with other top musician websites, create a booking calendar of your upcomings gigs, learn how to get emails of your potential fans, set up an email newsletter and much more!

As you can clearly see, music marketing - is an important key to your success and the GREATEST exposure of your talents! Success in the music industry is comprised of 20% talent and 80% promotion. If you won't understand how this promotion works, you will have a very hard time reaching fame and recognition. I'm here to help you understand it all and provide you with detailed instructions. After you download this e-course system, your music career will SKYROCKET - Guaranteed!

Music Marketing


So, let me summarize what OTHER SITES online will NOT provide for you...


Learn how to get signed and get a record deal
The Complete UltimateMusicianPackage Directory, including 45,000+ listings & contacts with every A&R phone number, fax, email, company web url Not even half
Music Business Contacts in over 75+ countries.
Submit demos to A&R's and Music Managers in US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil and more.
Thousands of worldwide Booking Agents, Distributors, Tour Managers, Recording studios, Publishers, Radio venues, Promoters, Manufacturers, etc.
Speak to Music Publishers and PR Firms to get your name or band heard.
Learn the Entertainment Industry inside & out.
164 page Comprehensive, all-inclusive, guide & course tutorial
Take on the biggest labels in the world with expert knowledge
Phone numbers of your favorite Record label A&R's.
1900+ Record Labels including Warner Brothers, BMG, EMI, Sony & more
Learn how to become a master at managing your music career
Find out how to successfully phone record companies "unsolicited"
Produce your own albums with investor's money
Consultation & Album Critique
Download over 170+ Music Business Contracts
Thousands of opportunities to get your music listened to.
Record songs at popular music recording studios in your area.
Get your songs played on local radio stations and in the clubs.
Get 50+ customized templates to create your own Record label business plan
Hot techniques to optimize your band website by Social media, Blogging, & more
Your music and video will get MASSIVE exposure
270 sites where you can UPLOAD your band's music & video files!
24/7 Customer & Technical Support
60-day money-back guarantee



Bonus Packages


50+ Record Label Business Plan templates ( $37 Value)

A business plan sounds overwhelming but it’'s a must-do if you want to start your own Record Label and reap more of the profits from sales of your music. The more you know about how to create a music business plan, the smarter the decisions you can make when it comes to career choices. The bottom line is in order to run a successful Music Business, you must have a plan. Once you have your own plan, you can even use it to present to possible investors. We include 50+ fully customizable business plan templates, absolutely free of charge. Some of the 50+ templates are:

Record Label Business Plan
  • Mission Statement
  • Executive Summary
  • Management Team
  • Music Industry Analysis
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Financial Plan
  • and much more!


170+ Music Business Contracts ($49 Value)

Getting a contract can be exciting and scary at the same time, because once you sign it, you are legally bound by the terms. One way to protect yourself is to study the samples of multiple types of music contracts in the Ultimate Musician Package. Over 170+ contracts in your package prepare you for any music legal issue that comes up, from mechanical and sync licenses to management and record label contracts, even situations you never thought of! Believe it or not, you don't want to make a deal without getting your agreements in writing.

These agreements will protect you from thousands of dollars in losses and can save you from many headaches. Best of all, each of the over 170+ contracts can be customized so you can insert any artist’s name, change royalty percentages, or add or delete terms you want. Always consult with attorneys listed in our database before submitting any final documents with your signature. Here's some examples of what's inside:

Music Business Contacts
  • Agency Booking Agreement
  • Artist Management Contract
  • Artist Producer Contract
  • Producer Royalties Contract
  • Record Company Producer Contract
  • Songwriters Contract
  • and much more!


590+ Business Letters & Forms ($29 Value)

The 597 Sales Letters and Business Forms included in your software means that you can find exactly what you need,. Just add your personal information, edit as needed, and like that, you’re done in no time at all. Each one is designed to keep you looking like a professional and savvy about the business. Not only will you save valuable time with these ready-to-use templates, you'll save money, too! This powerful collection of 597 business letters is a must-have for every performer. Here are a few of the ready-to-use templates/forms:

Business Letters
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Assignment of Copyright or Trademark
  • Permission to Use Copyrighted Material
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • 70+ Common Business Forms
  • 35+ Announcement Letters
  • 40+ Business Sales Letters
  • and much more!




Just Look At How You & Your Career Will Benefit:

  • You get package "power tools" that help you cut through the red tape of getting in touch with the decision-makers.
  • You'll finally feel you can turn your short term success into a long term music career.
  • In the "Music Business Insider's Guide" you'll discover the myths that hold people back - but not you anymore!
  • Never again, will you sit around wondering what to do next to get your music career moving. You'll have a plan.
  • You get the EXACT names, addresses and important contact info for the people most likely to sign you.
  • Here's the really cool part: You'll have more than enough good contacts to work your odds of making quick progress go way up.

It's been said...

"To achieve different results, you have to take different actions"

Get this package today and move your career forward.

You won't find such a comprehensive and affordable collection of music resources anywhere else. I Guarantee It!

Money Back Guarantee

If you fail, I have failed. If I cannot accomplish my goal of teaching you all I know, I am in debt to you, for your time and for your commitment.

I am telling you this because in a couple seconds, I am going to offer you the most powerful ecourse system available on the net for getting a deal. Now if for any reason, you are not satisfied with my system during the 60 days you own it, email me and return it!


ReachFame™ Ultimate Musician Package

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